The Final Week of Class! (July 22-25)

This week the students learned about our Modern Food System (which, of course, ties in  industrialized foods, too), but they also learned about migrant workers in Vermont, and how many of them suffer worker injustice on dairy farms. They also learned about efforts to return to a more sustainable, local food system.

Thursday was the final day of class. The students spent the first two hours preparing their family recipes, and then family and friends joined us for the feast and for the students’ final presentations.

IMG_5570¬†The layout: homemade herbed ricotta cheese (made from the stash of leftover breakfast school milks), Ena’s Bosnian Pita, Susma’s Momo Dumplings, Molly’s Frikadellen (German meat patties), Anthony’s Vietnamese Egg Rolls, Andrew’s Shepherd’s Pie, Kevin’s Buffalo Chicken, Laura’s chocolate pudding, and Elizabeth’s chocolate chip cookies. Drinks featured Jessie’s Mexican Drinking Chocolate, Hibiscus Tea, and Fermented Blueberry Fizzy.

It was the perfect way to end the class by sharing the diverse array of cuisines with family and friends and listening to the students present their personal food histories and how they will make changes based on the knowledge they have gained from the class. Susma, for example, stated that she will try cooking with vegetables more often as she likes them more now. Ena said that she has already written to Vermont state legislators asking them to pass the bill that will enforce labeling of GMOs in Vermont. She encouraged everyone to visit, the Vermont Right to Know GMOs site.

We are proud of you all. Thank you, students, for braving the elements, for trying new foods, and for having open minds!

And thank you again to all of our guest speakers and to Partnership for Change for making this class possible.