Class 11 July 11, 2013 Class Meal

“Today we made a nice meal similar to what [homesteaders] would have when they were settled here. Some of the things we did today included making our own ricotta cheese, butter, and blueberry jam. We also had fresh farm eggs from Blue Heron Farm and bread with flour from Nitty Gritty. Learning how to make butter and cheese was very cool. We also fermented foods which were very delicious. It added more flavor to the food which made them tastier. I learned that the fermented food introduces good bacteria which helps our digestive system.” –¬†Susma, BHS freshman

Today our meal included homemade ricotta (one herbed and one plain) with the milk we bought from Blue Heron Farm, fresh farm egg (also from Blue Heron) frittata with vegetables and herbs from the BHS gardens and our ricotta, bread with wheat flour from Nitty Gritty Co., raw honey, homemade butter with cream from our fresh milk, as well as our wide variety of fermented vegetables from Monday and blueberry and gooseberry fermented drinks! A great way to conclude our week on homesteading.


Churning butter. Photo by Susma.


Prepping vegetables for the frittata. Photo by Susma.


Making ricotta cheese. Photo by Susma.


Our feast. Photo by Susma.


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