Class 10 July 10, 2013 Visit to Blue Heron Farm

By Molly, BHS Junior

Today our class took a fieldtrip to Blue Heron Farm (in Grand Isle, VT) in order to learn a bit about raising livestock for meat, dairy, and other animal products.  Blue Heron is a picturesque certified organic farm, and the people working there were quite friendly and helpful.  We were given a tour in which everyone got to meet the sheep, ducks, chickens, and cows, as well as learn about the care that each kind required.  There were also a fair amount of vegetables being grown there in a large greenhouse.  All in all the experience was great, and it tied in perfectly to this week’s homesteading unit.

Thanks so much to Christine, Adam, Sadie, Delia, and Sophie!


Feeding the sheep. Photo by Molly.


Chickens by the trailer chicken coop. Photo by Molly.


Blue Heron Veggie Greenhouse. Photo by Molly.


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