Class 6 July 2, 2013: Soapmaking

 Today, BHS science teacher Richard Meyers taught us how to make our own soap. We used olive oil, coconut oil, vegetable shortening, and lye, but learned that back in colonial times they would have used animal lard and wood ash. Who would’ve thought that combination makes for a good cleansing…

After 20 minutes of stirring our soaps, we really appreciated the convenient soaps we have access to today. However, we also realized how easy it is to make our own soap!





Photos by Sarah.


One thought on “Class 6 July 2, 2013: Soapmaking

  1. Cool! Very cool! I showed soap making pix to my niece in Russia. She makes soap too and she said it hard to make it the way you did it. But it is still very cool!

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