Class 5: July 1, 2013 Grain-Grinding and Sourdough Bread-Making

“Today we learned about bread baking and grain grinding and we were all surprised at how hard and tedious it was grain grinding. We made delicious sourdough bread and pancakes. Also, our amazing guest speaker let us bring home some sourdough starter of our own so that we could make sourdough at home. I speak for all of us when I say that  this was an amazing and delicious experience!”

-Andrew, BHS freshman, and documentarian of the day

Many thanks to Caroline Homan, our guest speaker from City Market, for sharing her time and sourdough bread-making knowledge with us!

Today marks the first day of our week of Colonialism in Champlain Valley.


Wheat berries ground into flour. Photo by Morgan.


Everyone took a turn at grinding the wheat berries into flour. All that work and not much flour! Photo by Andrew.


Sourdough pancakes! Photo by Morgan.


Caroline showing us a folding technique. Photo by Andrew.


The finished product! Photo by Andrew.


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