Class 4: June 27, 2013 Fire by Friction and Group Meal

Today we walked to Crow’s Path at Rock Point School where we met Teage O’Connor and Lauren Akin who gave us a fire-by-friction (using a bow drill) and song demonstration. We were all amazed at Teage’s ability to build the fire from such few materials and with the high humidity. Once Teage built the fire, we all took a moment to reflect and say what we were thankful for. We are certainly all thankful to have had this experience; many thanks to Teage and Lauren! For more information about their work connecting people with the natural world through relationship at Crow’s Path, check out their website here.

Before our visit at Crow’s Path, the students helped to make dandelion greens pesto using the greens that we found from our wild edibles outing and de-shell peas from the BHS gardens. After Crow’s Path, we went back to the school to have our group meal.

“When we got back to class there was food everywhere; there was roasted chicken aka quail and pidgin [back in the time period we were focusing on]. There were johnny cakes, oven roasted roots with wild dandilion pesto, raw honey and real butter.” -Kevin, BHS freshman

This week featured:

-Baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, peppers, and onions with dandelion green pesto

-Foraged pheasant-back mushroom and BHS peas

-Baked chicken legs

-Blue cornmeal johnnycakes with local honey

Thanks to Sarah and Laura for cooking the delicious meal while we were gone!


Potatoes, sweet potatoes, peppers and onions with the dandelion greens pesto. Photo by Kevin.


Pheasant-back mushroom from our wild edibles search, garlic scapes, dandelion greens. Photo by Morgan.


Students helping to make the pesto. Photo by Morgan.


Sarah showed the class the difference between local VT eggs and factory farmed eggs. Photo by Morgan.


A student de-shelling peas from the garden. Photo by Morgan.


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