Class 3: June 26, 2013 Foraging for Wild Edibles

Today we had an awesome lesson with Craig Carlson down at the Intervale about various wild edibles in the area. We all expected to hike a bit through the woods, but there was so much to identify where we started that we didn’t end up moving much farther than 20 feet.

We found and tasted:

Wood sorrel, day lilies, yarrow, wild mustard, wild lettuce, plantain, dandelion greens, clover, and a giant pheasant back mushroom, amongst other things.

Even though it was pouring rain and the mosquitoes were relentless (not exactly ideal conditions for foraging), we agreed that it made us feel all the more primitive searching for our food in uncomfortable conditions and we still really enjoyed our time and learned so much.

Elizabeth, BHS freshman and documentarian of the day, affirmed this by saying: “Today was so much fun because our class learned so much from it! It was pretty cool to see flowers we see everyday and know you can eat them.”

Elizabeth also wanted to document Craig’s quote: “Bacon is the other vegetable,” after he declared that bacon makes all of these wild edibles taste even better. We thought they were pretty tasty without any help, and we learned that these plants have far more nutrients than any head of lettuce we can find in a market or grocery store.  Thanks again, Craig!


Craig asked, “What would you try to eat first?” Snails, anyone? Photo by Elizabeth.


Tasty wild plants. Photo by Elizabeth


Craig found a giant edible mushroom that, interestingly enough, smelled like watermelon. Photo by Emma


The class foraging at the Intervale. Photo by Emma

A video of a student interviewing another student (with the giant mushroom as a microphone, of course) on the way back from foraging:


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